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End of the Year (Fines, Lost Books)

The TRMS media center needs your help! Please remind students that all books need to be returned and fines paid before the end of the school year. Lost books and fines not paid will be held over to next year (all FCS schools). In addition students need to take care of fines, lost media center materials, and lost textbooks to be allowed to participate in end of the year activities such as field day. Any student materials checked out May 3rd or after will have to be returned by May 17th to avoid fines or lost book fees.  We will take continue to take fine money and late materials the last week of school.


Strive for 25 Pizza Party

Strive for 25 Pizza Party

The Strive for 25 Pizza Party benchmark is Friday May 10th. Students need to have the books read, sheet signed, and show homerooms teachers on or before this date. Due to the time needed to make the pizza dough we will NOT be able to take any student pink sheets OR teacher tracking forms after Friday May 10th even if someone is absent. Students are encouraged to show their forms early. If you are going to be absent please make arrangements to hand in your forms prior to May 10th.   

May Newsletter

May Newsletter

Please see the attached newsletter for May. May 2013 (4-30).pdf

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