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(Please Make Sure to Check Terms of Use Prior to Student Use for Age Restrictions and Use Parental Permission when Applicable)

Reminders of Age Restrictions for Common Apps Web 2 0 Tools - Reference.pdf


·         ABA Emotions-Pictures of Motions

·         Animoto-Presentation Maker

·         Audible- Audiobooks (Must Purchase)

·         Audioboo- Records and Can Share Audio

·         Audiobooks-Audiobooks (Free Ones Available)

·         Baiborad- Collaborative Whiteboard

·         BeFunky-Photo Editor and Photo Cartoon Maker

·         Brain Pop-Animated Video Clips for All Subjects

·         Brain Pop Jr.- Animated Video Clips for All Subjects for K-3

·         Calculator- My Script Calculator Allows You to Write Equations and Then it Solves Them

·         Calculator- Calculator

·         Calculator Pro- Calculator

·         CNN- News from CNN

·         Comic Touch- Comic Creator

·         CommonCore-Standards and Resources for Common Core

·         Decibel 10th- Decibel Reader of Surrounding Sounds

·         Destiny Quest- Media Center Card Catalog (Student Friendly View)

·         Dictation-Voice Recognition to Text or Email

·         Dictionary- Dictionary.com

·         Dictionary- Merriam Webster

·         Discovery- Discovery Education

·         Drawing Pad-Art Studio App

·         Drive- Personal Storage for Your Google Account

·         Dropbox- Personal Storage for Your Account

·         Earth Science-Earth Science Quiz

·         EasyDraw!-Drawing Tool that Saves to Camera Roll

·         eBookBox-eBooks for Young Children

·         Edmodo-Collaboration Tool (Ability to Connect with Your Students)

·         Educreations-Create and Share Video Lessons

·         English (eBook Box)-Another App for eBookBox: eBooks for Young Children

·         Explain Everything- Screencasting and Interactive Whiteboard to Import Almost Anything for a Tutorial

·         explOratorium- Sound Exploration Activity

·         Factbook-CIA World Factbook

·         FindMe-Search and Find for Young Children

·         Follett Destiny- Media Center Card Catalog

·         Follett Digital Reader- Media Center eBook Reader (replaced by app below Enlight)

·         Follett Englight (Textflow)- eReader for Media Center Books

·         Free GraCalc- Graphing Calculator

·         French eBookBox- eBooks for Young Children in French

·         Geo Board-Math Explanation Tool

·         Gizmo Sampler- Math and Science Simulations

·         Glogster- Digital Posters (Glogs)

·         Google Earth- Virtual Journeys to Anywhere in the World

·         GoSkyWatch Planetarium- Interactive Planetarium

·         Grammar Up- Grammar, Proofreading, and Literary Style Interactive Program with Graded Results

·         Groupboard-Collaborative Whiteboard

·         Haiku Deck- Presentation Maker

·         Hands On Equations- Algebra and Math Tool

·         iBooks-Reader for Apple Books

·         iMovie- Apple Movie Maker

·         Idea Flight-Collaboration Tool to Share Presentations and Ideas Via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

·         Insight 360- Interactive Whiteboard, Student Response, and Assessment Tool: Subscription Required (Free 30 Day Trial)

·         ITB for Kids- Interactive Touch Books for Young Children

·         Ipadio-Create and Share Audio

·         iPhoto-Photo Editor

·         iTunes U-Integrates All Digital Resources into One Place for Easier Student Access

·         Keynote- Apple Presentation Tool

·         Khan Academy-Free Lessons on All Subjects for Both Students and Teachers

·         Kindle-Amazon Kindle Reader

·         Lino-Sticky Notes and Board Maker (Presentations)

·         Look Book- Jostens Year Book

·         Math Terms- Math Glossary

·         Memory-Memory Game

·         My Homework-Where Students Can Manage Homework

·         National Geographic-Must Register (Free Account) Access to the Magazine and Website

·         NatureTap- Animal Information

·         Nearpod-Creat and Share Presentations, Can Monitor Other iPads

·         NPR News- News from NPR

·         Number Line- Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Game

·         Numbers- Apple Spreadsheets

·         OSnap Lite-Time Lapse and Stop Motion Photography

·         Pages- Apple Word Processor

·         PBS Kids- Children's Videos from PBS Television Shows

·         Penultimate-Handwriting App for Taking Notes

·         Photo Collage-Photo Collage Maker

·         Pic Collage- Photo Collage Maker

·         Polldaddy- Surveys

·         Popplet Lite- Makes Charts, Webs, and Visuals

·         Prezi- Zooming Presentations

·         Qrafter- QR Code and Barcode Reader

·         QRReader- QR Code Creator and Reader

·         Refboard- Reflector for Camera

·         ReplayIt-Year Book

·         Rover- Allows You to Access Sites that Require Flash (Must Pay for Account)

·         ScanLife-QR Code Reader

·         Science360- NSF Videos and Images

·         Screen Chomp- Recordable and Shareable Whiteboard                                          

·         Show Me-Create and Share Tutorials on All Subjects

·         Skitch- Annotation, Shapes and Sketches, So that Your Ideas Become Reality Faster

·         SingingFingers- Make Recordings with Finger Paints

·         Skype-Free Calls and Free Video Video Calls

·         SkyView Free-Stargazing 

·         SL for Schools (Story Lines)-Videos Where Screen Actor Guild Members Read Children's Books with Lesson Plans and Activities

·         Socrative (Labeled Student)- Interactive Student Response System with Downloadable Results

·         Spanish Dictionary-Dictionary

·         Spanish eBookBox- eBooks for Young Children in Spanish

·         Study Blue-Study Tool that Can Quiz and Make Flashcards with Words, Video, and Images

·         Study Island- Standards based instruction and assessment program

·         Symbaloo-Bookmarking Tool

·         Tellagami- Creates Animated Messages

·         Thinglink-Keeps Track of Everything

·         Three Ring-Way to Document What Happens in Your Classroom (Digitizes Student Work)

·         Timeline Eons- Timelines for All Parts of History

·         Toontastic- Cartoon Maker

·         Translate- Google Translate

·         Turnitin- Online Writing Grading Tool with Reports: Subscription Required

·         Videolicious- Video Maker

·         Voice Thread- Multimedia Slideshows

·         Weather- The Weather Channel

·         WordRef-Word Reference Translator

·         World Figures- The Economist Magazine's World in Figures (Country Information and Trivia)

·         WunderMap- Interactive Weather Map

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