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Welcome Back

Welcome Back!
The TRMS Media Center would like to welcome you back to school! We hope that you had a wonderful and relaxing summer. We are looking forward to another exciting year. This year Fulton County is using MackinVia to access eBooks and databases. MackinVia is very user friendly and with it you can access almost all of the eBooks and digital resources purchased by Fulton County and Taylor Road Middle School. To access students and teachers select the current school then login. Students can use their FCS student id (lunch number) and FCS password. Teachers use their FCS username and password. We also have a number of new digital resources this year. To see a full list of digital resources offered click here. Remember most of these can be accessed directly through MackinVia

The TRMS Media Center is also featuring video tutorials this year for many topics including MackinVia. To view the tutorials click here. They will be updated throughout the year. 

Email Ms. Alarcon @ with questions regarding MackinVia or any of the other digital resources.

TRMS Virtual Library and Digital Resources

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